The Icon Sea Star


The Iconaster longimanus, commonly known as the icon star, is a sea star species in the family Goniasteridae.  With long, slender arms and an overall tannish brown or ruddy hue, this marine creature’s name comes from the Greek word “eikon,” which means portrait or image. The “icon” characterization refers to the unique, mosaic-like pattern of different colored disks that cover the starfish’s body in a geometric design.

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Life-Size Plush Animal Toys





Handcrafted, realistic, and plush, the life-size animal toys from Wildlife Wonders’ Hansa Collection are fun for the whole family. Each ride-on toy is supported by a steel frame designed to bear weight and handcrafted by an artist after careful study of the animal’s musculature and coat.



Each plush toy is lifelike as well as artful, and created with a remarkable love for creatures from around the world. For every plush toy, the animal model is studied in its natural habitat by the artist who then recreates its look with careful handiwork and attention to detail. The toys are sewn on the inside for minimal seams and durability, creating a near scientific recreation of the original animal’s design. The coat is then hand-painted or airbrushed by hand with natural-based paints in realistic designs based on the wild animal’s own unique features.




We’re proud to offer the unique Hansa line, which includes wildlife rockers, lifesize ride-on toys, animal shaped foot stools, and other life size and miniature plush replicas.


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Oops – We Screwed Up…


Last year, in an attempt to streamline our customer service and upgrade our online store, we redesigned our website and switched to a new platform/host. Unfortunately, what we thought would be an upgrade in every regard turned out to be a huge mistake.After the changeover in early October of 2014, our new system caused more errors and created more problems than solutions : email communication was delayed, users experienced navigation issues on the website, the search bar wasn’t working properly, pages loaded slowly, many customers were confused by the checkout process, and we lost a lot of valuable customers. Overall quite a bad experience and for that, we’re sorry. If you experienced any of these issues, we sincerely apologize for the hassle, and we want you to know that starting today, the problems have been fixed.We are thrilled to announce that after a few months of extensive research and analysis, we’ve switched to a new web platform/host. From this point forward, you will experience faster, more accurate searches, easy navigation by categories, a much more sophisticated and streamlined checkout process, and speedy customer service via phone or email.

Please check the new website soon and often! We’re adding new items every day.

We appreciate your business and look forward to hearing your feedback about the new website. Thank you for your support and patience. Our goal in all these changes is to better serve you.

-Wildlife Wonders
Curators of Flora and Fauna Jewelry, Art and Decor

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